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Founded in 2009, CORE originated when four individuals came together to create a better company. Each had their ideas on how it had to be done, and now CORE operates by those founding CORE values — Creativity, Opportunity, Relationships, Excellence.

Since then, we have consistently received feedback from our clients that appreciate our ability and willingness to creatively think outside the box. We do this by taking advantage of opportunities for continuous improvement that present themselves as we systematically ask ourselves: ‘Can we do better?’. Our focus on building strong relationships is key to our success. By keeping a constant focus on servicing our clients’ needs, we achieve a higher level of excellence in our products and services.


CORE Values

Creativity - Create an environment that encourages and implements ‘outside the box’ thinking.

Opportunity - CORE is a dynamic enterprise. We actively seek opportunities to enhance our service and team.

Relationships - Positive relationships based on trust, understanding and respect are vital to our success.

Excellence - A reputation for excellence is our ambition.



Digital / Paperless

CORE takes advantage of the technologies available to create a workplace that is paperless.  This allows us to access talent anywhere in the world as well as create efficiencies in our processes.  Our team members enjoy a work-life integration that allows them more time with their families.



CORE's team is able to work all over Western Canada

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