Our flexibility to fit our clients’ needs is what sets us apart from our competitors. CORE’s culture of ‘outside-the-box’ thinking creates an environment in which we are able to creatively find solutions for clients that they may not have even known were existent. CORE uses all sources of data available to make your project a success, from LiDAR to field data to imagery and other third party data.
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Our Power Services include:

  • Legal Surveying (Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Canada Lands)
    • Right-of-Way Disposition Survey
    • Route Mapping and Planning
  • Construction Surveying
    • Control Survey
    • Earthworks
    • Foundations (Piles/Concrete)
    • Powerpole Layout
  • Pipeline Services
    • Line Locating
  • Environmental/Regulatory Services
    • Environmental Planning, Inspections and Monitoring
    • Regulatory Consulting
    • Crown Land Acquisition and Administration
    • Reclamation and Remediation