From mapping to construction to integrity, we will be there for the entire life-cycle of a midstream project. By working with our clients from the conceptual stage of a project, we can recommend which solutions and methodologies best fit their needs. Our paperless environment allows us to turnaround survey plans in a shorter time-frame, as well as utilize higher efficiencies, resulting in a more cost effective and higher quality product.

Please contact us for more information, including project experience.
Our Midstream Services include:

  • Legal Surveying (Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Canada Lands)
    • Freehold and Crown Disposition Surveys
    • Right-of-Way Surveys
    • Route Planning and Mapping
  • Construction Surveying
    • Control Surveys
    • Earthworks
    • Foundations (Piles/Concrete)
  • Pipeline Services
    • Legal Survey
    • Construction Survey
    • Weld Mapping
    • As-built Survey
    • Integrity Survey
    • Underwater Depth-of-Cover/Scour Analysis
    • Line Locating
  • Environmental/Regulatory Services
    • Environmental Planning, Inspections and Monitoring
    • Regulatory Consulting
    • Crown Land Acquisition and Administration
    • Reclamation and Remediation