Land Development/Real Estate
Our experienced crews and talented office team work together effectively to exceed our clients’ expectations on projects. By continually stepping back from operations and regularly trying to put ourselves in our clients’ shoes, we can better understand our client’s problems, and work with them to create solutions that decrease project time, is more cost effective, and is of higher quality.
Please contact us for more information, including project experience.

Our Land Development/Real Estate Services include:

  • Legal Surveying (Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan, and Canada Lands)
    • Property Line Stakeout
    • Subdivision Surveys and Tentative Plans
    • Bareland and Building Condominium Surveys
    • Topographic Site Surveys
    • Lot Grading Certificate
    • Real Property Reports
  • Construction Surveying
    • Control Surveys
    • Earthworks and Site Grading
    • Foundations (Piles/Concrete/Footings)
    • Underground Utilities
    • Home Construction Layout
    • Building and Highrise Construction Layout
    • Gridline Layout
    • Deformation Monitoring
  • Pipeline Services
    • Line Locating
  • Environmental/Regulatory Services
    • Environmental Planning, Inspections and Monitoring